So you wanna be an Accountant?

You've bought all the books and now its time to study for those exams , but you are either losing the motivation or struggling with the terminology.

Fret not fellow students , you are not alone, There are hundreds of students out there just like you who are stressing them selves out time and time again as the books are to "TECHY" the terminology is written to be understood by people who already understand it, and not for students who are learning a subject for the first time.

Now you must understand , I am not a tutor, although I do plan on taking the teacher training course to work with young adults and people in the life long learning sector.

I am AAT Qualified Levels 2-4 and Cima Part qualified currently studying for my Managerial Exams and work as An Assistant Management Accountant.

I will  post word or PDF documents of short in a nutshell lessons on common areas students struggle, I know because I am one!

On my Facebook page i currently have a Cima and AAT book swap shop, please advertise your unused books and also mention which books and resources you need.   

My Page name is: So you wanna be an accountant?

Anyway, thanks for visiting, Please post any comments or requests using the email contact box and I will do my very best to take on board any feedback, and update anything you all need.

Feel free to print off the word documents adjacent, they are the in a nutshell lessons , I will add more as created.

I have also recently began creating small 2 minute videos which i have posted onto the site, This is my first attempt so please give your feedback , it is much appreciated.

My Channel on you Tube is: Do you wanna be an accountant?

Thanks again 

Nicola Cima Dip MA

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